Welcome to the new home of BH Audio, online.  Since 1988 we’ve served the greats and near greats, always holding to our highest standards – now with a new website! Technology changes, but great audio is still great audio. And your great audio starts right here.

Unusually Private

Tucked away in the luxuriant green hills of Baltimore County, we are literally a studio apart. Far from the noise and hustle, yet still surprisingly convenient to Baltimore, BH Audio sits on three acres of quiet green. This is a place where you can really concentrate on your project – your commercial, podcast, audiobook, soundtrack, narration, or anything else where great audio is required. Free parking, and an almost endless supply of free snacks & beverages. As your GPS will tell you, “You have reached your destination.”

Voice Talent

Are you a voiceover person? Voice talent? Narrator? Get listed with us and be a part of our carefully curated “talent pool.” If you have a demo, let’s hear it. If not, we can help you create one. Use the Contact page to reach out to us for more information, or send your demo and info to:

voicetalent (at) bhaudio.com


BH Audio has served clients, great and small, since 1988.  They have grown, and so have we. Many are still with us – some come here, while others record elsewhere and send us their files for our famous post-production “sweetening.” We would love to talk to you about your audio needs.

We are proud to be a woman-owned company, certified MBE/DBE, open to all clients. Our only absolute is No Bullies.


We had a contact form on our site, but 100% of the messages were spam. So we bucked the trend and decided not to have a contact form. Problem solved. If you need to reach us, use one of these two addresses:

Email:  audiomagicstudios (at) gmail.com or
bhaudio (at) comcast.net